Thursday, 2 May 2013

Burda Magazine Challenge - Sew A Long

Still Deciding...

It's the 2nd May and I can't decide what to make!  lol  I thought I would make some pants from cotton sateen or maybe drill, but quite a few people have had trouble with the way Burda pants fit.  A toile might be the answer.  Note to self....I'll go out and get some calico tomorrow.

I also want to make a top out of knit but now I am getting ambitious and too much of that leads to unpicking and disaster. My goal is for three garments over the month.  I'll start one project on Saturday so I will have to decide by then.


Secretly I have always loved capes.  My nana gave me one of those peggy square crotcheted ones with pom poms on the end of the ties.  It was red and white and I felt like a story book character. I don't even have a photo of me in it. drat and Mum threw it out in one of our many moving houses episodes.  There is something wonderfully romantic about the flow of a cape.  I get images of knights and white horses in the woods and a maiden in her Burda cape. The question is whether I would wear it in public?  I just went to Capes on Pinterest and find Nina Garcia has put up a board on Fall Trends - Capes.  They are to die for.....go look....And I see one person in the sew-a-long has indeed chosen to make a cape.

And then I remembered this other cape that I owned and loved.

This is me with my brother Marty.  Me in the cape and Marty in the coat that our fabulous mother made for us to wear to Sunday School.  The cape was green and had lapels and it felt good to wear even as a 6 year old.  I guess that settles it - a cape is now on the Burda agenda!  Interestingly I got told off on numerous occasions for picking flowers in the Botanical Gardens on the way home from Sunday school.  I should have been born somewhere where wild flowers grew on my pathway to church!

Certianly I do have a rather deliciously warm and ridiculous looking coat, my latest purchase - the walking sleeping bag - yes I got a Katmandu long puffer jacket in the sale.  You can blame me for the balmy 21 degree heat on Monday the day after I bought it.  But I am a hockey mum and my boys are now playing late afternoon and early evening games on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.  I won't be making it to all the games, I have another priority you know - sewing for myself!

Tracing Labrynth

I will use that cheap interfacing for tracing my patterns onto. This was some tights I tried but they are still a work in progress and the fabric makes me look like I have elephant legs! (No, you're not getting a photo!)

Close Encounter with a Librarian 

The other thing is of course that I have been getting the mags out of the library and you only get them for two weeks before you get fined for having them overdue.  I'm a great contributor to the local library in terms of fines. A few weeks ago after being out for a lovely Sunday walk, the librarian there wouldn't let me take out the Burda mags without my library card.  She wouldn't even let me log in with my password to confirm my identify or check that my record would show that I have been getting Burda Mags out for quite a few months now. I went back the next day and the Burda's were all out to other borrowers! Such is life! lol


  1. I fancy a cape too, but I live in the subtropics. It is probably not a good idea in my case ;) It sounds perfect for hockey watching though.

    1. I should have been born in the subtropics!! I have just remembered I did own another cape which I got when I was 6 years old and my fabulous mother made it. I will post it tonight. Perhaps I should make a cape after some pants...Thanks for leaving a comment.

  2. Oh how I would love a cape as well, just cant justify it for the 2 odd months of cold weather we get here.

    I get my Burda mags from the Library, lucky i'm in another country otherwise you would probably be cursing me for taking all of them.

  3. lol...we are allowed 20 items out at any one time so likewise I grab a big stack!! Thanks for leaving a comment.