Saturday, 18 May 2013

Cape Crusade

Suggestions for the Front Closing

The only bit to finish is the front closing.  Do I use hooks and eyes, buttons velcro or what?  I've turned down one side at the front  collar and put a brooch on to make it more modern and less Sherlock Holmes.  My youngest son (13) said he didn't like the cape- but I was in slippers so I changed into boots and jeans and he then said, "Now that looks good!" and I agree.  Let me have some suggestions on how I might close the front.  Vote using the Poll on the right.  Then I will finish it and will take a photo of me in it so you can see how styley it is.  I'm now thinking it will be good for Sunday walks in the Botanical Gardens and to wear to photography club where we sit in a big hall and I often wish I could wear a peggy square rug!

Destruction (Poor Instructions)

BurdaStyle magazine really is doing itself an injustice  by having inadequate instructions. It has not been until I have actually made one of their patterns up that the problem is evident.  There is a lot of clues on the internet though, but I thought, how bad could they really be! It's not like I always follow the instructions, but seriously what are they thinking or not thinking.  It's not fair on the sewing community to assume we instinctively know what they mean. (Yes, I am a bit grumpy about this!)


Apparently the cape is meant to have a vent!  This is me venting about the vent.  What vent? in the back seam, in the side back seams? where?  My cape does not have vents! Vents optional!

The Collar

You know those geometric puzzles - this cape has one of those in the three collar pieces ...and I'm normally good at those sorts of puzzles, but this was infuriating.  In the end I made my own one piece collar (double sided) and put iron on interfacing on one side.

Incredible Hulk Shoulders

My shoulders are not the same as this pattern shape which are more incredible hulk than damzel on a bicycle (like the picture suggests), so I  trimmed down  the sides seam only which turned me into more of an urban batwomen shape.

The Lining

I ended up lining the cape - my fabulous mother says "You are going to line it aren't you!" so that helped with that piece of procrastination.  But since I had changed the shape of the incredible hulk shoulders, it was quite hard to get the lining right but it has turned out fine.  I pressed open seams on the slits for the hands seams and was able to sew the lining seam allowance for a nice finish.  I overlocked the other seams which took out lots of bulk (rhymes with Hulk!)

UPDATE: I'm very pleased with my cape and wore it out shopping at Ballies (Ballantyne's Department Store).  It's like Selfridge's and I always feel posh shopping there! The only disadvantage with the cape in this modern world is the need to wear a lap and diagonal seat belt in the car.  You can hitch it up if you are a passenger but if you are driving then it is a bit tricky so fling it off into the back seat (if there are no kids there of course ) and put it on for your jaunty walk out or shopping escapade!


  1. I would use black hook and eyes that blended in so you couldn't see them then add on a fabulous brooch :)

  2. I like the way you're thinking! Thanks.

  3. the large hook and eyes that they sell for fur closures actually look quite dramatic, but are available in black so you'd still have the option of a statement brooch.

    1. I'll go and have a look at some of those. Thanks. I should really finish it tomorrow being the last day of May. I went to the Court Theatre tonight and a lady in the next row to me had a lovely cape on with toggles for the closure so I might also consider that. Thanks for your comment:)