Sunday, 5 May 2013

Cutting out the Patterns - BurdaStyle Magazine Challenge

Talk about procrastinate!  It was very difficult to choose but in the end I have chosen one pants pattern and one cape pattern.  I did like the green cape in 08/2013 but my 15 year old son told me I would look like a homeless person in a blanket!!  So I couldn't unthink that visual image and have gone for somethiing more contemporary looking.
BurdaStyle  03/2010

Pants for Making

Cape for Making
BurdaStyle 08/2011

 As I metnioned I use vilene (non-iron on interfacing) since I got a bag of 5 metres for NZ $3.99 whereas 4 pieces of flimsy Burda tissue was NZ $15.99.  I use a ballpoint pen to write on the vilene having carefully pinned the vilene in 4 places near the edge of the sheet to keep it secure.
Vilene at Spotlight for $3.99 for 5 metres
Things to remember when tracing:

  • Label each piece with magazine number, pattern number, piece number out of total number of pieces and the name of the piece which you get off the instruction panel.
  • Mark the straight grain (tricky to find sometimes but look for the big arrowhead in the appropriate colour.)
  • Check for the instructions that apply to the piece you are cutting out like "fold line" and mark largely and clearly.
  • Remember the seams and hems aren't included!!
  • Pin the vilene pieces together for safe keeping - a single pin usually does it.

I have this cape material in my stash so will begin on this.  I am a bit apprehensive about what size to cut for the pants which will take some thinking about.

The lights in my house are not good for sewing at night - silly halogens.  I find they don't give good coverage and there are lots of dark spots.  My fabulous mother bought me an angle poise standard lamp to help so I will get that out now that daylight saving is over.


  1. Ahh that cape is one of my many patterns with a post-it note on it!! :) I love your fabric choice.

    I find it hard now to work with darker fabrics in the evenings too. I use an angle lamp but I really need to up the lighting in my sewing room one day!

  2. I only tend to buy/use patterns from the Burda website. I'm currently working on one of the magazine patterns that is offered online; a jacket. Where do you buy your Burda's from? I can't find them in NZ!

  3. I get them out of the library! (for free apart from fines for having them out for more than 2 weeks). They are in the magazine section. I have seen them at Fabric Vision in ChCh on the counter by the pattern books and in specialty magazine stores which I know Wellingtonians have just off Lampton Quay. I also see that you can buy online from for the same shop price and a $3 postage fee. That could be a good option for me too! Two weeks is hardly long enough to imagine all the possibilities!:)