Saturday, 12 July 2014

Gatsby Inspired handkerchief, tango dress!

My lovely husband and I have just celebrated our 50th birthdays with a big Gatsby Party.  We decorated the house in 1920s things and all our guest came dressed for the part.

So what to wear for me was the big question.  I did lots of internet searching and decided I liked the look of this tango dress.
I liked the hemline and also the bit of fabric that falls from the shoulders so when you accelerate across the floor it trails behind you!  So essentially I measured up a block for myself and went from there.  It was not smooth sailing and it was more of an engineering project than a straight up sewing project! I added and subtracted bits as I went and sewed and unpicked and re-sewed and unpicked and so on and so forth!  I made the bodice out of upholstery fabric (I have always loved jacquard fabric) and polyester satin for the handkerchief and I bought an organza shawl (scarf) with lace ends which I draped under the armpits. (Just a touch of upper arm camouflage)  And you will all be proud of me for not choosing BLACK!

Here it is on model....

You can see it is shorter at the front and longer at the back.  The neckline is very low and it the end to get the right silouette I decided to go 'bra-less" but had a tight lycra camisole on.  My fabulous mother lent me her long strings of pearls and gave me her marcasite broach.  Perfect!

Here's us all on the fabulous night!  And the highlight for me was the champagne fountain (hired here in Christchurch from the China Cabinet -contact the lovely Maureen).  If you have never had one of these then go for it.  Everyone was thinking it was going to fall over but no it was marvellous and not much spillage.  It's the middle of winter here so it was so nice to have a wonderful celebration in the middle of the dull days.

And I must mention that Megan my neighbour did my hair in true 1920s style. I think I should have been born in that era!

Hubby with someones 'fox-fur'

Yes, I know I look too young to be 50!

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