Monday, 11 February 2013

Party Dress

I do appreciate the  fraternity with their support and helpful comments!  I also joined the Sewing Down Under which as they pointed out is for Aussies and Kiwis not knicker construction.

I have finally had time to make my Christmas dress - just in time for my mother's birthday last week (February). Congratulate me because it is not black nor even dark.  But floral - my hubby was very impressed and went so far as to say I looked sexy in bright colours. lol

I used the Burda 2943 as a foundation but I used my brand new dressmaker's dummy to make it fitted, rather than loose.  I set up my dummy to my measurements and then realised that my nipples are closer together than my dummy so I changed the dials to narrow the chest and expand the sides and back.  The one measurement I overlooked was shoulder to nipple which at my age is lower than my perky 'Flora'. 

The material had a bit of a stretch in one direction but sewed like cotton and seemed like no trouble. I think it was cotton sateen. However, the front gapped once I put in the facing around the neck so perhaps I stretched it a little when I sewed it even though I staystitched it.  To fix this I did a gather by using a stretched piece of elastic at the centre front and it shaped it nicely.

It feels really lovely to wear.

 What do you think?

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